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Productize Yourself In 2021: How, Why and Where?

April 23, 2021 at 4:30 pm SMT

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“Making money is not a thing you do – it’s a skill you learn.”

– Naval Ravikant

In this Interintellect Salon Fellow Interintellect Sagar Devkate will take you on a self-exploratory journey where you’ll learn to productize yourself.

Productizing yourself is the process of transferring your time and effort into an asset that can be sold repeatedly.

“Productize” and “yourself.” “Yourself” has uniqueness. “Productize” has leverage. “Yourself” has accountability. “Productize” has specific knowledge. “Yourself ” also has specific knowledge in there. So all of these pieces are combined into these two words, “Productize Yourself.”

Record a Song, stream it 10M times
Write a book, print it 1M times
Build a digital product, distribute it 100M times

We’ll explore the process of “Productizing Yourself” by developing your talent stack and apply the principles from the process of Productization. Also, learn from the journeys of people who had productized themselves in the past while discussing the tools and platforms available today.

Reading List:

1. Jack Butcher on Twitter: “Productizing yourself: (thread)…
2.  Naval on Twitter: “How to Get Rich (without getting lucky):”
3. UNDERSTANDING HOW WEALTH IS CREATED — Almanack of Naval Ravikant 
4. Naval Ravikant: Productize Yourself (Animated)
5. Productize Yourself
6. How to develop your talent stack
7. Permissionless Apprenticeship

Time Zones:

9:00 pm Mumbai
4:30 pm London
5:30 pm Berlin/Paris
11:30 am New york
8:30 am SanFrancisco

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April 23, 2021
4:30 pm SMT
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