DC Social: Female Fame – Tara Isabella Burton and Celeste Marcus on Authenticity, Artificiality, and the Paradox of Femininity

Washington DC

Join award-winning writer, Tara Isabella Burton, and Liberties managing editor, Celeste Marcus, for an offline social on authenticity, artificiality, and femininity! Please join Interintellect and Liberties Magazine for Female Fame, an offline salon (and…


New York IRL: Designing Your Life (And Career) – How We Find Our Thing, Change Things, and Let Things Go

New York NY

In his debut Interintellect Salon, Roman Gayduk will facilitate a discussion of how to approach constructing one's life intelligently. We might touch on design thinking, deciding whether to become a vampire, and what inner work might have to do with all this. Bring your stories of success and failure, and lessons you've learned! We will…


Gratitude Letter Writing Workshop


Has someone played a significant role in shaping your life? If so, join Innerpathing's upcoming free workshop-salon. Here, you can finally put into words the gratitude you've felt for someone. 💗 We've all encountered that special person who became a turning point in our careers, imparted invaluable wisdom, or offered unwavering support during our most…