In Our Own Image? SuperSalon with Irene Solaiman Exploring Ethics and Values in AI


In this SuperSalon, AI & technology safety expert Irene Solaiman (ex-OpenAI, currently at Hugging Face) will spark discussion around AI & ethics, values and natural language processing, and fairness and algorithms. The SuperSalon is hosted by ii member and digital wellbeing researcher Nastasia Griffoen (GEMH Lab | University of Twente) together with AI artist and…


Finding Your Voice – Supersalon with Herbert Lui – Creative Doing (In Partnership with Holloway)


Join writer and editorial director Herbert Lui, author of the new book Creative Doing with startup veteran Jason Shen for a conversation about developing your craft, getting past creative blocks, and growing your audience while staying true to your unique voice.  In partnership with Holloway. “Creativity doesn’t just take place inside our brains; it’s a…


On Self-Publishing Books


In this salon, best-selling children’s books author K.A. Mulenga leads a discussion on self-publishing books. For all aspiring authors and those who have already published and just need some insight from a fellow author, this one's for you. The publishing industry has grown immensely in the past 10 years allowing people to publish books on their…


Building to Last: Past, Present and Future – Saving Central Park with Elizabeth Barlow Rogers

World-renowned author, landscape preservationist, and civic activist Elizabeth Barlow Rogers joins energy and infrastructure attorney, birth doula, and InterIntellect host Hailey Phillips to explore what it takes to build timeless institutions of value, transcending contemporary political drama and lasting for generations. Central Park, in the words of Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, “is both a masterpiece of landscape…


The Human Experience


In this SuperSalon, John Sills joins Interintellect host Olena to discuss his new book The Human Experience, including how to create human-centred experiences and companies, how organisations are taking customers…


Design for Emergence and the Future of Learning

New York NY

What can LEGO bricks teach us about the human mind? Join researcher and technologist Kasey Klimes live in New York City for a conversation that will explore design for emergence as an alternative to user-centered design and its implications for the expansion of human intelligence. Seymour Papert and Mitchel Resnick described great learning technologies as…