Approaches to Decision Making

If you are thoughtful and methodical about your decisions, and find yourself in the same place again and again, you are warmly invited to join us. Together, we will discuss approaches to decision making. Here are some topics we might explore: - How to arrive at clarity about my intention? - What could help me…


The Art of Farewell: Saying Goodbye At Work


In a world where job-hopping has become increasingly common and remote work blurs the lines between personal and professional relationships, saying goodbye can be an emotional and complex endeavor. From acknowledging the challenges and rewards of working together to navigating difficult goodbyes, we'll discuss how to part ways with coworkers and professional networks while preserving relationships and leaving…


Hollywood For Intellectuals: Writing Big Ideas For the Big (And Small) Screen

Join Michael Sonnenschein, a screen/TV writer with a background in academia, for an introduction on how to write for movies/tv. Starting as an aspiring writer with an academic background in 2008, I've grown my career in Hollywood, merging my interests in economics, social sciences, and storytelling for films and TV. Now in 2023, I'm writing…


Young and Restless: The Girls Who Sparked America’s Revolutions – Author Talk with Mattie Kahn | New Labor Book Series #14


Join Siena Chiang for a discussion with Mattie Kahn about her book, Young and Restless: The Girls Who Sparked America's Revolutions, which recounts one of the most foundational and underappreciated…


Stoicism: Resilience or Resignation?


Dr. Gena Gorlin, a clinical psychologist and founder coach, teams up with Dr. Jason Rheins, a scholar of ancient Greek philosophy, to put Stoicism under the microscope: does it live up to its modern-day hype? And if not, what's a better alternative? Stoicism, a byword for quiet emotional endurance, is both an ancient philosophical system…


The Post-Achievement Professional: Life Beyond the Goal Posts

I'm Khe Hy. I chased money on Wall Street and fame on the Internet only to discover that neither could deliver true freedom. As a fellow Post-Achievement professional, my love language is "let me show you everything I've accomplished." Yet when you strip it all away, all you're left with a vexing question: Who am…


The Guarantee – Author Talk with Natalie Foster | New Labor Book Series #17

Join Siena Chiang and movement leader Natalie Foster to discuss her new book, The Guarantee, which asks us to imagine an America where housing, health care, a college education, dignified work, family care, an inheritance, and an income floor are not only attainable by all but guaranteed, by our government, for everyone. As it stands,…