Listening Sessions: A Music Appreciation Workshop

Join pianist Mercer Shavelson for spontaneous, communal playlist-making session aimed at connecting and understanding ourselves through music.

In this series, jazz pianist and debut host Mercer aims to create a space for communal music appreciation. Throughout this series, attendees are encouraged to bring a song (or two) to share during each session, creating an immersive listening experience. This can be a song or piece from any genre/style—the only recommendation is that you personally enjoy it, and would like to share it with us as well!

By using this “musical potluck” style, the intention is to form connections and deeper understanding by simply enjoying music with one another, free from distractions often present in our daily lives. In addition to listening to our playlist, we’ll take time in between each track, pausing to share how each recording impacted us in the moment. 

(This process might sound serious, but it can be lighthearted and fun, too!)

Join us for a meditative way to look at the world through the power of this music.

Second Tuesday of each month (except the first, on a Sunday) at 8pm EST

Note: Click below to register for each episode, Interintellect Members attend for FREE!

1Feb. 7thSwimming in the Music

For this first listening session, we’ll build our playlist together as we go along, based on whatever our ears are spontaneously drawn to in the moment.
2Mar. 7thListening Session: Cultivating Musical Patience

This salon will be focused specifically on exploring our attention spans through music, opening up to possibilities of beauty and discovery in the listening experience, sometimes masked by boredom or impatience.
3Apr. 11thTBD
4May 9thTBD

Session Date / TitleSpotify Playlist
Feb 7th: Swimming in the MusicJon Batiste, Bonobo, Olivia Trummer, and more!
Mar 7th: Cultivating Musical PatienceJacob Collier, Imogen Heap, J.S. Bach, and more!