Tarot in the Day to Day: Using the Archetypes to Inspire and Learn

If you want to learn tarot but feel overwhelmed, let this Interintellect salon series be your starter guide.

Ever been curious about tarot but been too nervous to try it yourself? A seasoned pro but wanting a community to discuss it with? Either way, this is the series for you!

Join Interintellect host and professional tarot reader Crystal Duan as we journey into author Jessica Dore’s book, Tarot For Change, and figure out the best way to apply the cards and tarot archetypes to your own life.

We’ll go over the sections together and make tarot fun, digestible, and lighter for those who want to use the cards to understand how to exercise their agency and honor their gifts. Tune in for a reading group mixed with real time exercises that are interactive, engaging, and a great way to help you remember the meaning of the cards.

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1Jan 15, 2023Intro to Tarot: A discussion of the structure, the history, and how to really understand it all.
2Jan 29Major Arcana Pt I: We go through The Fool to Wheel of Fortune and investigate these archetypes in our lives.
3Feb 19Major Arcana Pt II: We go through Justice to the World and see how it shows up in the world around us.
4March 19Minor ArcanaWands + Swords: We talk about the Wands suit and its symbology.
5April 2Minor Arcana – Cups + Pentacles: We talk about the Cups suit and its symbology.
6May 20Introductory Techniques for Reading

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