Doing Gentle With an Edge: An Exploration!

Experiment with ways of Doing Gentle With an Edge in your life, in this series hosted by Helena Roth, giver and receiver of Tankespjärn.

“Doing Gentle With an Edge” is the way Helena Roth shows up in life, but it was a journey to get there. She would not be where she is today if she hadn’t learned how to be, and “do”, gentle towards herself.

With gentle being a core aspect of how she shows up in the world, inside as well as outside, living life as “Helena” has shifted enormously for the better. Now, only she can live life as her (thank heavens!) and she knows you can find ways of enjoying your life more, too. Question is, are you willing to give it a go?

Join Helena in this exploration of “Doing Gentle With an Edge”, based on her book with the same name, where together we will share and reflect on different aspects of doing gentle. The goal is to inspire you by finding ways of playing and experimenting, discovering what it means to apply both gentle AND edge in your lives.

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1Feb. 12“Doing Gentle With an Edge” – What does this mean?

We start off with an introductory exploration of the concept of “Doing Gentle” to oneself and what happens when “An Edge” is added. The salons of the series will all center around select (short) chapter from the e/audio-book Doing Gentle With an Edge, but there’s no reading required for the first session.
2Mar. 12Awareness – How does awareness help me do gentle?

What I am not aware of I cannot change / shift / transform. But what is awareness, how does it feel, and how can I get better at cultivating my ability to self-observe?
3Apr. 2Inner Dialogue – What part does this play in me doing gentle towards myself?

What’s the tone of my inner dialogue? Helena used to sport an inner dialogue that worked more like an inner dictator than anything else. But no more. How can that shift be made possible for you, too?
4May. 14Feelings are signals – But am I reading them correctly?

All feelings carry information, but what if I haven’t been taught to understand the signal properly?
5Jun. 4 Play!

Learning to play and experiment and have fun with myself as well as others is a great way to bring both more gentle and more edge into life. Let’s share what this can look like!
6Jul. 2 Nourishment

We all know the trope that we “become like the five persons we spend the most time with,” but have you actually considered what that means? Perhaps there’s an opportunity for you here to nourish yourself more with regards to the company you keep?
7Aug. 2Embodied

In a largely disembodied world, it’s all too easy to do gentle on a mental scale, forgetting about the rest. But no more! Let’s play around with ways of making gentle an embodied practice in our lives!
8Sep. 3More awareness

Have you noticed any shift in your own awareness? Is it growing? Perhaps it’s even made you question a few hard truths about yourself, that all of a sudden don’t seem like truths anymore?
9Oct. 8Subtract!

Buy this, add that, get a bigger house / car / toy… there’s a lot of call for adding in our society. But what about subtracting? What might you remove from your life to make it richer?
10Nov. 5 Let go and let come

If the cup is already full, more will just make it run over, however much you’d like more. Learning to let go, in order to let come can be a game-changer in more ways than one, for sure!
11Dec. 3 Wrap-up of “Doing Gentle With an Edge”

Let’s reflect together on what we’ve learned, what we’ve tried, what’s shifted, and how we will continue to do gentle with an edge in our lives.

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Cover art by Nat Sharpe