Somatic Sessions: Accessing The Wisdoms Of Our Bodies And Emotions

Do you wish your head knew how to understand what your body was saying? Or are you perhaps skeptical that your body has anything to say at all? Join somatic-emotional healing coach James Mayfield in this series to learn and practice understanding the messages of your body.

A headache that’s always been there, warmth in your chest when thinking of a friend, a clench in your jaw when remembering a deadline, or even an unexpected numbness – all of these can be signals from your body.

Once you learn to read them, the sense of a body ‘speaking’ can become quite literal. James consults his knees about how long of a hike to take, and it’s kept him in good health.

James has been teaching these skills for over a decade, so he’s seen the way they support continued soul unfolding. He’s also seen four recurring emotional themes in the signals, so one session each in this series will be themed with special teachings around meeting common human needs for safety, connection, power, and purpose.

This will be an experiential salon! Hearing your body requires feeling it. The first hour of each salon will be a teaching and a group breathwork process, followed by individual inquiry and discussion. If you’re looking to make emotional connections, you’re in the right place.

If you’re bringing a specific emotional charge that you’d like 1-1 attention on, message James before the salon and he’ll give you priority during the ‘individual inquiry’ portion.

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Episodes will happen on the first Thursday of each month!

1June 1, 2023Safety

Safety-based body messages can sound like: I feel scared physically or emotionally, I feel overwhelmed by life (too much, too fast), I feel a need to control things to feel safer. If you feel these, you’re not alone, and there are ways to resolve these emotions.
2July 6, 2023 Connection

Do your relationships feel satisfying and supportive – full of attention, attunement, belonging, and care? Your body probably has opinions, and information and guidance that will help the answer to this question become ‘yes’.
3August 3, 2023
It’s normal to want to feel agentic and empowered in your life, capable of creating what you want.
4September 7, 2023Purpose
Are your actions connected to identity, meaning, creativity, and spirituality?

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