Liberties: Culture and Politics

Join Liberties in partnership with Interintellect for a series of talks on culture and politics.

Following the structure of our LibertiesTalks, these conversations will be held over Zoom, and after about 30 minutes attendees will be able to join the conversation, to ask questions or share their thoughts.

This series will be free for Liberties subscribers. New to Liberties? Check out our new third issue of our third volume.

The inaugural episode will be with the formidable Benjamin Moser, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Sontag, about his upcoming book The Upside Down World. It will take place at 2 PM EST, Sunday May 7th. The second will be on June 1st, with the brave James Kirchick about his essay in this issue, “From Queer to Gay to Queer” and about his recent book Secret City. Further information about both events is forthcoming — we hope to see and hear from you then.

We and Interintellect will also be cohosting in-person salons in DC and New York, the first of which will be this summer. Space will be limited, so sign up soon.

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1May 7, 2023The Upside Down World

Join Benjamin Moser, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Sontag for a salon about his upcoming book The Upside Down World.
2June 1, 2023Secret City

Join James Kirchick about his essay in this issue, “From Queer to Gay to Queer” and about his recent book Secret City.
3July 6, 2023Lazy City

Experience an engaging discussion with Rachel Connolly, a highly regarded author known for her contributions to esteemed publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian, GQ, and numerous others. Join her as she shares insights into her highly anticipated debut novel, Lazy City, scheduled for release in August 2023.
4August 3, 2023Scholarship and the Future of Society

Join Katherine C. Epstein for a discussion of her recent Liberties essay Scholarship and the Future of Society, in which she considers the relationship between the loss of the humanities, the current dysfunction of American politics, and the erosion of America’s position in the world.
5September 13, 2023Liberties X Interintellect Salon: Leon Wieseltier on Liberalism

As diverse as the contents and contributors of Liberties are, a common thread runs through every issue: a commitment to liberalism. But liberalism has many meanings and the term is often abused. Join Leon Wieseltier and Celeste Marcus for a discussion of what liberalism is, its requirements, and importance.
6October 19,
Liberties X Interintellect Salon: Arash Azizi

Because of liberalism’s pluralism, it depends on minorities to use the liberal system in order to advocate on their own behalf. Therefore, liberals are often dependent on non-liberals (since statistically a large percentage of leaders of minority groups will not identify as liberals) to do the advocacy work which allows a liberal society to function healthily. Arash Azizi is an example of a writer and advocate who uses the language and philosophy of socialism to advocate for the individual rights that liberalism too holds dear. This will be a discussion about how his socialism is and is not consistent with Liberties‘ liberalism.