The Free-For-All Story Club: Find Your People Without Required Reading

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Why ruin your love of stories by making them feel like a chore? The Free-For-All Story Club encourages you to read, watch, and listen to whatever you want, whenever you want!

If you’re a book/film/tv nerd, then you might find yourself spending hours alone, wandering through your own fictional world, and missing out on social interactions with others. In this monthly meetup, Trace Brady will unite chaotic book/film/tv nerds from all across the globe, so that they can geek out about their favorite stories together!

First, we will chat in the shared “common room” for 5-10 minutes, then we will split up into zoom rooms of 5-7 people for 1 hour, before returning to the common room to wrap up and say goodbye for 5-10 minutes.

Join us every other Wednesday at 6 pm EST to Find Your People Without Required Reading!

This series is free and members-only!

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P.S. Viewer discretion advised: club meetings are rated “R” for profanity, alcohol, smoking, etc.

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December 6, 2023Meeting #1
December 20, 2023Meeting #2
January 3, 2024Meeting #3
January 17, 2024Meeting #4
January 31, 2024Meeting #5
February 14, 2024Meeting #6
February 28, 2024Meeting #7
March 13, 2024Meeting #8
March 27, 2024Meeting #9
April 10, 2024Meeting #10
April 24, 2024Meeting #11
May 8, 2024Meeting #12
May 22, 2024Meeting #13
June 5, 2024Meeting #14
June 19, 2024Meeting #15
July 3, 2024Meeting #16
July 17, 2024Meeting #17
July 31, 2024Meeting #18
August 14, 2024Meeting #19
August 28, 2024Meeting #20
September 11, 2024Meeting #21
September 25, 2024Meeting #22
October 9, 2024Meeting #23
October 23, 2024Meeting #24
November 6, 2024Meeting #25
November 20, 2024Meeting #26

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