Hosting a Series

As described in our event types page, salon series are longer sequences of salons (usually 5+), with a discounted series tickets (requiring a community membership). Individual salon tickets may become available at the host’s discretion.

Examples of ii series currently selling:

In addition to the conditions in the Host Agreement, there are some special considerations to bear in mind when listing salon series and “tracks” (recurring salons without series ticket or end date).

You as an ii host are expected to:

  • Prepare
  • Use hosting resources 
  • Promote
  • Show up
  • Moderate, keep code of conduct
  • Document

as in the case of one-off salons.

Additional series rules

  1. The host ensures the reading is available, and affordable/free.
  2. The host actively participates in the conversation in their dedicated series and/or host channels on our Discord.
  3. Should the host need to leave the series mid-way, they need to find a replacement for themselves.

Payment FAQ

  • Because our Series Tickets require an ii membership subscription, ii will not take a platform fee on Salon Series Ticket purchases. We keep the subscription fee, the Host keeps all of the ticket proceeds (except for local taxes, Stripe fees, and Memberful fees).
  • However, if attendees purchase tickets to an individual Salon in the series, the standard rules apply:
    • Host earns 70% of Individual Salon Sales (see below for breakdown)
      • Members: After discount, (30% off for Members) don’t take any cut
      • Non-members: After full-priced non-member ticket, ii has a 30% platform fee (subject to change). The remainder goes to the Host.
  • Hosts get paid after each Salon Series Episode
    • Revenue is calculated as follows: 
      • (1) Revenue from Individual Salon Sales (see above)
      • (2) A proportionate slice of Series Tickets, (i.e. if there are 8 Salon episodes, then ⅛ of the Series Ticket proceeds are paid out after each episode has been hosted)


Here are our conditions about cancelling series hosting or participation:

1. Host cancels series

Unless there is force majeure or the host finds a replacement, cancelling will disqualify the host for 6 months.

We give the audience the choice of a) full refund for cancelled sessions or b) a replacement host wherever possible.

2. Attendee cancels after series has started

No refunds (unless force majeure, which can mean partial refund); in some cases switching to another series will be possible.


Tracks qualify as any other one-off salon with the difference that they get their own pages and URLs on the website with “save the dates” section.

However, if more than 5 “save the dates” are listed on the page (i.e. “Upcoming episodes in this track”), the same cancellation policy applies as for a series: in absence of proven force majeure, the host is disqualified from hosting for 6 months.