Joining the ii Community

Welcome to our virtual city of minds!

Interintellect started from a simple question:

Can we have deeper, kinder, better conversations on the internet?

We’re interested in so many things… In philosophy and science, in architecture and psychology, in religion and engineering, in fine arts and economics.

What if there was a place, outside our work, our university, our message groups, where these discussions are possible?

What if some of us could even do this for a living: lead the most interesting conversations on the internet, every day, in every time zone…

How Does It Work?

Interintellect is a semi-public community that began in April-May 2019 with a spontaneous meet-up in San Francisco and an essay on Medium.

The founding idea was that something was happening on the internet – new, open, curious, friendly: something that bridges the divides we were told would keep us apart.

Looks like they don’t – we can open up and meet one another…:

After offline Salons around the world – Los Angeles and Oxford, Mountain View and Berlin, Brussels and Mumbai, London and Atlanta – Interintellect moved fully online in March 2020 because of the pandemic, and started growing…:

What Does “Semi-Public” Mean?

The public part of the ii are our Salons and other events listed on our website:

  • ii Salons
  • series
  • book clubs
  • workshops, etc.

The communal part of the ii consists of:

  • a community forum on Discord
  • members-only events (both video and audio)
  • members enjoying a significant discount on all public events

Open to the Public

All events listed on our website, including Salons, SuperSalons, book clubs and other gatherings, are open to the public. Any visitor can book a ticket for any event, provided there are tickets left.

Visitors must abide by the ii Salon Code of Conduct.

See also our Five Rules of Gathering.

Open to the ii Community

Interintellect has a buzzing international community hanging out in our forum where we discuss everything from our personal lives to where technology is heading – from philosophy to science, from psychology to the economy, from psychology to engineering, from romance to fine art.

Anyone can join the community, either through becoming a subscriber or becoming a Host.

Members of the ii Community can:

  • access the ii Discord where the community forum lives;
  • host and attend free members-only events (both video sessions and more casual voice hangouts);
  • enjoy a 30% discount on all public events;
  • book series tickets (which also carry a 30% discount).

See also the Discord conduct guidelines.

Open to the Hosts

Active and prospective ii Hosts can access more in-depth Host training resources, Host training sessions, as well as private Discord channels: the Host Greenroom and a voice channel called the Host Lounge where we have a Wednesday evening weekly hangout. 

ii Hosts — in the month of their activity — can access both the community and any public Salon with a 100% discount. A Host’s active period includes the day when their Salon is listed plus 15 days before and 15 days after.

Open to Student Fellows

Subject to case by case evaluation, some students can enjoy the same 100% discounts as ii Hosts for the duration of their school year.

Apply here.

Types of plans

ii Community member

  • $14.99 / month
  • $134.99 / year (would be $179.88 in monthly subscriptions)
  • $900 and above: ii SuperSupporter (10 year membership, special events)

ii Founding Community 

The Founding Community comprises everyone who was a member of the community forum and/or an ii Host on or before March 7, 2021, as well as future referrals of friends via these members.

  • $9.99 / month 
  • $99.99 / year (would be 119.88 in monthly subscriptions)

ii (Active) Host

  • $0.00 (except Series tickets)

ii Student Fellow 

  • $0.00 (except Series tickets)

Other freebies

  • Every ii Host can bring a +1 in for free to their own events (if it isn’t sold out)
  • One ii Scribe per Salon will get a free ticket for the Salon where they scribe (even when it’s sold out)