Writer’s Corner: Short Fiction in Theory and Practice – Session 1: Raymond Carver

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Sylvia R

Writer’s Corner: Short Fiction in Theory and Practice – Session 1: Raymond Carver

by Sylvia R
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Zadie Smith, Carver, Fitzgerald… In this new Interintellect Salon series, Sylvia R helps us to master the art of short fiction – through reading some of the greatest short story writers together!

“That’s all we have, finally, the words, and they had better be the right ones.”

― Raymond Carver

“Critics often use the term “minimalist” when discussing my prose. But it’s a label that bothers me: it suggests the idea of a narrow vision of life, low ambitions, and limited cultural horizons. And, frankly, I don’t believe that’s my case. Sure, my writing is lean and tends to avoid any excess. There’s a saying of Hemingway’s that I could take for my motto: “Prose is architecture. And this isn’t the Baroque age.””

― Raymond Carver

Welcome to Writer’s Corner where we talk about and practice the craft of writing. In each of five sessions, we’ll look at the short stories of an author, we’ll write together — you can focus on shorts or on anything else, and we’ll exchange feedback. Up first — Raymond Carver!

This salon will be structured as follows:

Section 1: Discuss

We’ll dive into the formal qualities of the pieces from the pre-salon reading materials. We’ll discuss structure and form, plot (or the absence of it), characters, what resonates, and the why and how of it.

Section 2: Write

We’ll spend 2 Pomodoros (2 x 30min) silently writing together. You’re welcome to spend this time on short fiction, or on anything and everything that your heart desires: long fiction, non-fiction, journaling, academic papers, Twitter threads, …

Section 3: Exchange Feedback

The goal of this section is to hear how others read and understand our words. The exact shape and form of this part will depend on the number of attendees. Feedback can also be on pieces you’ve created outside of the salon.

Pre-Salon reading materials:

Who is Raymond Carver

Raymond Carver: Principles of a Story (Essay)

Raymond Carver: Beginners

Raymond Carver: Cathedral

Save the Dates:

Salon 2:

Sat April 3, 3-6pm UK time, The Short Fiction of Graham Swift

Salon 3:

Sat May 1, 3-6pm UK time, The Short Fiction of Gabriel García Márquez

Salon 4:

Sat June 5, 3-6pm UK time, The Short Fiction of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Salon 5:

Sat July 3, 3-6pm UK time, The Short Fiction of Zadie Smith

Time zones:

  • 10:00 am New York
  • 3:00 pm London
  • 4:00 pm Berlin
  • 8:30 pm Mumbai

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Writer's Corner: Short Fiction in Theory and Practice - Session 1: Raymond Carver

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