Helena Roth


About me:

Tankespjärn is the single biggest contributing factor in my shift from being the most negative person in the world, to… something very different, if perhaps not the most positive person in the world. But not far from. So whatever I write or say, is what I’ve done. Myself. I know it can be done and I would not be where I am today – regardless of the arena – if I hadn’t learned how to be gentle towards myself.

In a sense, it is the very base that tankespjärn rests on. It’s one of the basic requirements for being able to truly use the power of tankespjärn in your life. You do gentle. Then you add “the edge”, which for me, is tankespjärn. In 2023 I will be hosting a series of eleven salons on the topic of Doing Gentle With an Edge, where attendees will also receive their free copy of the e/audiobook with the same name.

These will be my first salons on ii, but I have been hosting salons both online as well as in 3D for ten years. My favorite thing is to let what wants to happen to be allowed and welcomed. To me, that encapsulated both the gentle and the edge in one smooth liminality!