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Every day, we come together from across the globe to talk about philosophy and science, art and technology, finance and history, religion and music: all the thoughts and emotions we experience as humans, without judgement or certificates.

Our salons are live, unrecorded, evening-length discussions that our community ensures are patient, thought-provoking and fun. Come join us in making the world’s conversations better!

Featured Salons:

Haunted by Alternate Universes: What Are the Other “Yous” Up To?


We’ve all had pivotal moments that permanently altered the trajectories of our lives. Maybe it was deciding on college majors or whether to move to a country for a job. Maybe it was committing to a relationship or breaking off an engagement. What makes these choices so hard? Our anxiety around decision-making stems from the…

Arts and Minds: Conversations in New York – Interintellect x Museum Mile

New York NY

Higher Ground Education and Interintellect are pleased to present a series of in-person salons at Guidepost Museum Mile. The discussions will feature some of Interintellect’s best event hosts, and welcome Museum Mile parents, middle school students, as well as local members of the Interintellect community. Higher Ground is the largest and fastest-growing network of Montessori…

Kinderintellect: Raising Kids in a World of Tech


Technology has become an inescapable part of modern life, including the lives of our children. As a result, it can be challenging to strike a balance between the benefits and risks of technology. How do we navigate the digital landscape with our kids, and how can we ensure that they develop healthy habits and relationships…

Interintellect 101: Twitter Spaces

Join us for "Interintellect 101"! We will be holding this Twitter space with Interintellect team members Christin Balan, Crystal Duan, and Nicky Buttigieg on the last Wednesday of every month as a space for anyone and everyone (the general public, Interintellect hosts, or Intellect community members) to get together and ask questions about what's happening…

*MEMBERS ONLY* Community Chats | Reading


Interintellect Community Manager Nicky Buttigieg hosts a casual hangout to chat about what we've been reading. Let's talk about what we've been spending our time reading—books, poems, blog posts, newsletterism whatever you've been enjoying and curious about! *** 🗓 ii Calendar | 📋 Code of Conduct | 📚 Become a Member

Washington DC Social: The Uncertainties of Abundance

Washington DC

We're once again gathering in Washington DC in person to talk about all things community, friendship, and independent scholarship. At this event, we will focus on the anxieties that come with building abundance. We can't wait to see you all! The exact location of this event will be shared via email and in our community's…

*MEMBERS-ONLY* What Does Money Have To Do With Work? | Explore Your Relationship to Money


What does money mean to you? Join Mary Bajorek, an Interintellect fellow, in her third installment of the 12-week journey of rehabilitating our work life, in which we’ll dive into the topic of money and how it relates to our work and lives. For some of us, money represents fears of scarcity, a signal of…

*FREE Public Event*| Philosophical Hope in Science and Religion


Who are we to talk about Teilhard de Chardin’s ambitious infusion of philosophical theology and science? We believe it takes a team of enthusiasts to honestly attend to Teilhard de Chardin. Thus, we are embracing a Philosopher (PhD Researcher) named Christophe Porot, Twitter @PorotChristophe; a Neuropsychologist (PhD, Post Doc Researcher) named Donald Frederick, Twitter @neurofoo;…

Without Borders: Cultural Competence for International Organizations


For the first salon of the Without Borders Series with host Nolan Yuma Janssens , we will discuss cultural competence in both a business and personal setting. We will use the research of social psychologists and business professionals such as Erin Meyer, Kurt Lewin, Richard E. Nisbett, and Stephanie Steven J. Heine to aid in…

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Ongoing Series:

A Field Guide to Internet Emotion

Pamela Pavliscak

Next event: November 14

Runs every second Sunday of the month until April 2022

The Story of Philosophy

Irene JK & Flick Hardingham

Next event: October 31

Runs every last Sunday of the month until January 2022

Dead Economists Society

Bronwyn Williams & Peter Isztin

Next event: January 19

Runs every first Thursday of the month

In Praise of the Prophet

Tanya Raj

Next event: November 13

Runs every second and Fourth Saturday of the month until December 2021

The Story of Industrial Civilization

Jason Crawford

Next event: November 21

Runs every third Sunday of the month until May 2022

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