Music and Emotion Sharing Circle


Debut host Rosano invites you to this listening salon, exploring the music we listen to and sharing how it affects us. — Post-salon update: listen to our collective playlist. — In this salon, participants are encouraged to bring music to share during the event. We will listen collectively to your music, and then discuss what…


Building Social Bridges and Healing a Divided World

Rosano invites you to this salon discussing pathways to overcome division. — Post-salon update: read takeaways from our conversation. — What are some ways to deal with misinformation and filter bubbles? Is this phenomenon particular to our heavily politicized present? When ideologies differ, how can we find common ground? How does technology play into these…


Are Apps Making Us Better Or Worse?


Interintellects Vidhika Bansal and Rosano invite you to reflect on the pivotal role technology plays in our lives, the trade-offs of its everpresence, and finding balance in the digital world. — Post-salon update: read takeaways from our conversation. — Nowadays, so many goods, services, and experiences are just a tap or click away. Need a…


Improvisation, Spontaneity, and Oneness

Rosano and Vivek invite you to a salon on creation and consumption becoming one. What can various traditions of non-duality teach us about being spontaneous? What makes someone a good improviser? What makes for a good experience on improvisation? How much do improvisers plan? Is it something that is “manufactured” or simply “channeled?” Can improvisation…