7 Things Wrong With Education – What Can We Do About It?

The traditional education system is filled with gaps and is in need of a revolution. But where can we start? Interintellect host, João, proposes finding an alternative to 7 lessons traditionally taught in schools that should be unlearned throughout our lives.

John Taylor Gatto, a renowned educator, wrote a speech called “The 7 lesson schoolteacher“, where he pointed out 7 things we learn at school that should be unlearned. In this salon series, we’ll explore each one of them, trying to find a sustainable alternative that can transform our school systems, and trying to bring a Modern Golden Age to education.

Be sure to check out João’s substack, where he presented and also reviewed the 7 lessons that will be discussed throughout the series

All episodes of this series, until the end of 2023, will take place at 5:00 pm WEST

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1Aug 5, 2023 1st Lesson to Be Unlearned – Confusion

In this series debut, João walks us through how the current educational system teaches us to be confused about learning and life and asks some questions in order to come up with an alternative, inviting you to contribute with personal stories and perspectives on how to do so.
Why is confusion taught in schools? Is it purposeful? How can we unlock clarity for our students in the different decisions they have to make?
Join João and come help create a Modern Golden Age in Education.
2Sept 9, 20232nd Lesson to Be Unlearned – Class Position

In the second salon of this series, João talks about the class position. How is school teaching our students to relate with each other? What kind of self-identities and beliefs about intelligence and belonging are we creating in the normal educational system? What does an alternative to that look like?
João asks you for your perspective, while driving to conversation towards an alternative to this approach.
Join us and come help create a Modern Golden Age in Education.
3Oct 14, 20233rd Lesson to Be Unlearned – Indifference

In the third salon of this series, we’ll discuss how traditional education will quickly make students feel indifferent towards the different subjects by making them avoid depth.
How many passions are being killed by the ringing of a bell, signaling the end of the class? How can we create students more passionate about the world?
Those are some of the questions we’re trying to answer in this salon!
Join us and come help create a Modern Golden Age in Education.
4Nov 4, 20234th Lesson to Be Unlearned – Emotional Dependency

Are students emotionally dependent on their teachers? Are we, as educators, creating the best relationship with students? Or are they limiting their self-expression in order to please us?
In the 4th salon in this series, João explores the role of school in creating emotional dependency on children and asks you to help build an alternative, where students may grow to become emotionally intelligent adults.
Join João and come help create a Modern Golden Age in Education.
5Nov 26, 20235th Lesson to Be Unlearned – Intellectual Dependency

Why can’t we let students choose what to learn? Schools keep acting under this assumption that they know what’s right to teach and limiting students by conditioning what they learn.
In the 5th salon of this series, João tries to explore how could we let students develop their own paths and explore their own intellectual curiosities while drawing their own views into the equation.
Join João and come help create a Modern Golden Age in Education.
6Dec 3, 20236th Lesson to Be Unlearned – Provisional Self-Esteem

Students’ self-image is deeply influenced by the way they’re seen in school, by teachers and colleagues. Not only that but parents will also be influenced by schools about the way they handle their kids. How is this influencing the world we live in? How were you influenced by this?
João asks for your help in this salon to come up with an alternative to this and help students build their own self-esteem.
7Dec 28, 20237th Lesson to Be Unlearned – “You Can’t Hide”

In the last Salon of this series, João explores the final idea of John Taylor Gatto’s speech. How (bad) homework perpetuates all of the previous lessons into private households.
What does good homework look like? How can we make it in a way that actually empowers children?
Come celebrate the end of this series and give your input on how we can get to a Modern Golden Age of Education.

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