Self-Compassion: Our Fireside Chat Series Returns ✨

Are you “starting again?” – trekking somewhere new, unraveling a novel part of yourself or perhaps just on a different turn along the treacherous road of self-improvement? If yes, please join licensed professional counselor Gina Hafez for a 5 part Self-Compassion series themed around Healing at the Pace of Nature!

If you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the weight of your own shortcomings and could use more self-care and ‘tending-to’, we will navigate helpful tools over a 5 part series starting this August.

We will meet once a month to exchange wisdom on the human being’s immense capacity for self-healing. And together we will hold space for one another – both what’s said and unsaid – so come join even to listen in!

This is unrecorded, safe and no screenshots are taken! Members only.

Aug 7 Starting Again

How do we borrow wisdom from the natural world to think about new beginnings? What does it mean to move and feel at the pace of nature?
Sept 15The Other

What’s the best way to be present for others and also have mercy for yourself? How can we measure when to prioritize our own self-care?
Oct 22Play

What is the relationship between play and self-compassion? How do we know when our play is supporting our journey to BE more present?
Dec 17Forgiveness

What do you need to let go of in order to let in something new? What are some tools for creating openings in our lives?
Feb 4Performance

The voice of self-critique is often debilitating but it holds so much wisdom. What’s the best way to listen to the hard lessons from the past?

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