Interintellect Fellow: Zelda Poem

Welcome to Zelda’s Interintellect Fellowship page!

Below you will find information about Zelda’s thesis, why we are excited about it, and what it means for YOU. At the bottom, you will also find details about upcoming events Zelda is hosting and work from her fellowship (writing, podcast episodes, and more).

Thank you for supporting our Interintellect Fellows.

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Zelda’s Thesis: Zelda wants to make singular educational paths mainstream. She will use the Public Minds grant to develop content in various mediums and speak on the richness and variety of creating your own learning journey.

Why We Think It’s Great: 

The Interintellect community is filled with people seeking to enrich and reflect on their learning journey. We believe that the combination of Zelda’s forthcoming content coupled with her IRL salon conversations will be a valuable means of providing inspiration for fellow Interintellects who question the way we should educate ourselves and the next generation.

What This Means for YOU: 

Zelda will host an online salon on “Discovering Your Potential by Crafting ‘Tomorrow’s School,’” a workshop event where she will use artwork to inspire you to start working on the big challenges of the 21st century. In addition, Zelda will hold IRL gatherings in cities around the world (USA, Mexico, and Europe), opening conversations on education with Interintellect members in person.

Zelda’s Fellowship Event Schedule

DateTypeTitle / Details
February 26thOnlineDiscover Your Creative Potential By Crafting “Tomorrow’s School”

Creativity is a skill, and this workshop the opportunity to start developing its potential! Join Zelda, the creator behind “Tomorrow’s School,” to learn new artistic tools while shaping the future of school.
April 6thOnlineTownhall with Interintellect Fellow ZELDA POEM
July 12thOnlineYoung Hackers/ Founders Circle – 1st Episode

Join Interintellect fellow Zelda on the 1st episode of her new series, Young Hackers/Founders Circle, where you’ll be able to have a deep, sensitive and unique conversation on whatever is currently going through your mind.


What is the Interintellect Fellowship? Interintellect has launched a microgrant program for 2022-2023. Between October 24, 2022 and February 24, 2023, we will be awarding $5,000 to up to 5 Interintellect members, who will become Interintellect Fellows for 6 months each.

What does being an Interintellect Fellow entail? During the 6 months of the Interintellect Fellowship, we expect Fellows to demonstrate progress in their artistic/intellectual practice. Whether your main focus is your book, newsletter, YouTube channel, performances, exhibitions, or academic work, we’d like to hear from you regularly!

The Fellows will get a dedicated channel in the Interintellect Discord where they can keep the community updated on their work and events. We will also host one or two showcase events for Fellows to present their work to the community, and we’ll regularly share their achievements in the Interintellect Newsletter to ensure their ideas and talent reach as many people as possible.

During each 6 month Fellowship, the grantees will also stay in dialogue with their growing public via hosting monthly Interintellect events: 4 x public online salons, and 2 x members only online events or IRL meetups, each. (Our Fellows will earn income after their ticket sales, as in the case of any regular salon hosted on our platform, whenever they host public online events. See the Interintellect Knowledgebase for more details.)

How can I follow the Interintellect Fellowship winners? You can follow their progress by signing up for Interintellect’s SubstackNewsletter, Twitter, and keeping an eye on our blog