The Muse In The Machine: AI Writing In Practice

Love playing with words but feeling stuck? Boost your creativity at AI writing workshops with an award-winning video game writer Charlene Putney!

After an intro session with some fun reading, discussion, and co-creation, we’ll meet regularly to work together. Charlene will introduce new exercises, ideas, and forms with each meeting, and we’ll write! During each session we’ll create both small, group pieces, and larger individual works, all while partnering with AI, each other, and our inmost selves.

This 8-part series is hands-on and practical. You will walk away from every session with a piece of work. By the end, you’ll have an entire collection!

After each meeting, we’ll publish submitted works in our unique Substack, which will be co-published with the Interintellect Substack, boosting the visibility of your creations to the world.

We’ll explore a wide range of creative techniques like cut-up, Oulipo methods, prompting, writing partners, illustration as mirror, character creation, and worldbuilding. To make our writing even better, we’ll use a variety of free tools, including LAIKA, Narrative Device, Chat-GPT, and many more!

A randomly selected series attendee will win Rick Rubin‘s masterpiece, ‘The Creative Act: A Way of Being.’

Reading/Watching List:

All episodes take place at 8pm CEST

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1Sep 27,
Introduction to “The Muse In The Machine” [Free Session!]

We’ll discuss the readings behind us and the road ahead.
2Oct 25,
Workshop #2 – Getting Past The Blank Page

Getting started and moving beyond the blank page.
3Nov 29,
Workshop #3

Using AI as a “writing room” and collection of editors to hone your message.
4Jan 31,
Workshop #4

We will go through a character-building crash course: from designing the inner world of our characters, to their interaction with others, and even some snappy dialogue exercises.
5March 27,
Workshop #5: Worldbuilding

This will be a worldbuilding crash course: From designing the space in which our stories take place, to the details of the locations we’re dreaming up, and even some quickfire generative exercises. As in every session of this series, we’ll make something small together and something bigger alone, co-creating with AI, each other, and our inmost self.
6April 24,
Workshop #6

Freestyle Writing & Getting Experimental

May 29,
Workshop #7

Pulling It All Together
8TBDSuperSalon with a Special Guest!


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