Without Borders: A Salon Series

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After living in Chile, Belgium, Canada, and now Spain, Nolan spends his days studying cultural psychology, interviewing people from around the world, traveling, and writing stories to break down borders. His project, Without Borders, is a collective of new articles, stories, videos, and podcasts each week, bringing insight and perspective to these experiences.

The Without Borders Salon Series is for nomads, expats, third-culture kids, immigrants, or anyone who feels inescapably foreign. Hosted by debut host Nolan Yuma Janssens every Sunday in February, we will discuss ways to break down borders through cultural psychology research, immigration advice, and travel stories. Together, we will find ways to limit polarization, support projects that create equal opportunity, and form a community for those that feel caught between cultures. This series isn’t some didactic lecture; attendees will be here to discuss and learn from one another

Every Sunday in February, 6PM CET

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1February 5, 2023Without Borders: Culture and WEIRD People

How do we decide what is universally true about humans? When can WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic) people be problematic? What biases and cultural differences should we be aware of?
2February 12Without Borders: Culture and Morality

Can we morally accuse another culture? Is there a way to decide if a cultural tradition isn’t ethical? What are all the ways religions influences culture?
3February 19Without Borders: Creating a Borderless World

Should there be an “online” country? How can we make the bureaucratic system less racist? How can we create cultures favouring equality?
4February 26Without Borders: Immigration Stories

What is your immigration story? How do we tell stories for a worldwide audience?

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