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Standard Online Salon Template

You can go to our List a Salon page to follow along!

SALON TITLE: A Conversation That Delights? – The Basics of Hosting Salons with [Swan Ronson]

[[TIP: Images with faces, symmetry, and yellow are great at drawing attention!]]

ONE-LINER: People have been gathering to discuss what’s on their mind since our beginnings as a species. Today countless online tools promise to bring us closer together. But where do we really feel heard? Join [Swan Ronson] for this important discussion, bring your questions and stories…


Context: “We’ve all been there: all the tabs open, all the message notifications, all the emails waiting to be read. And yet, we feel we’re not really able to communicate with anyone.

And then our friends come over, we open a bottle of wine, and the conversation just seems to flow. Or we take a break and open our laptop, jump into an Interintellect Salon, and find out 20 friendly strangers from around the world have the same favourite book as we do and can’t wait to talk about it.”

What it is: “In this casual salon, [Swan Ronson] will guide a discussion on the always relevant art of gathering. Some questions we might explore:

Sample Discussion Questions:

  • “Is meeting friends harder now than it used to be? Or does the internet offer new avenues that our parents could have only dreamed of?
  • Can meeting people online ever replace real, physical closeness?
  • What is the best way to make new friends as adults?
  • What kind of stuff do people usually bond over?”

CTA:We hope you can join us and bring your own stories ❤️

PRE-EVENT LITERATURE:Recommended Reading:

OTHER: “NOTE: This event will be recorded.”