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Talking ‘Terraformation’ with Yishan Wong | Restoring Native Forests to Reverse Climate Change

Terraformation CEO Yishan Wong joins us for a conversation on technology and climate future! Co-hosted by Chroma cofounder, Anton Troynikov, and Interintellect founder Anna Gát. Since the industrial revolution, technology has been seen as at odds with the natural world. With the rise of the environmental movement in the 1970s, humanity became more aware of its impact on the environment.…

Who’s the GOAT of Economics? Tyler Cowen on Adam Smith, His New AI Book, and More!


Tyler Cowen, Holbert L. Harris Chair of Economics at George Mason University and faculty director of the Mercatus Center, joins host Alaka Halder to discuss his exciting new generative book on great economists, the history of economic thought, and how to appreciate economics as a vehicle for carrying ideas about the world. In the 247…

Stoicism: Resilience or Resignation?


Dr. Gena Gorlin, a clinical psychologist and founder coach, teams up with Dr. Jason Rheins, a scholar of ancient Greek philosophy, to put Stoicism under the microscope: does it live up to its modern-day hype? And if not, what's a better alternative? Stoicism, a byword for quiet emotional endurance, is both an ancient philosophical system…

New York IRL: Designing Your Life (And Career) – How We Find Our Thing, Change Things, and Let Things Go

New York NY

In his debut Interintellect Salon, Roman Gayduk will facilitate a discussion of how to approach constructing one's life intelligently. We might touch on design thinking, deciding whether to become a…

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Deep Dive: Telomeres

December 10

San Francisco IRL: December Holiday Meetup

December 6 – San Francisco

IRL Highlight: Arts and Minds: Conversations in New York – Interintellect x Museum Mile

On-going IRL salons at the Guidepost Museum Mile in NYC!

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Web3 and Cryptoeconomics

New Economic Fundamentals

with Alex Tabarrok and host Wes Chow

Alex Tabarrok, Professor of Economics at George Mason University, joins hosts Alaka Halder and Wes Chow to discuss cryptoeconomics – the combination of cryptography and economics – which provides a lens into how web3 is opening up fundamentally new ways of trading, cooperating, and communicating.

Status as a Service: Revisited

with guest Eugene Wei and host Nathan Baschez

Much like Clay Christensen’s theory of disruption, as a management theory becomes more well known, it can change the behavior of managers. Three years in, it feels like many of the most interesting trends in social networking are directly responding to the status as a service thesis.

On one end of the spectrum, we have Twitter actively monetizing status by charging for blue checks. On the other end, we have apps like BeReal seemingly in revolt against the idea that users crave status. What’s really going on?

Eugene and Nathan host a discussion where we attempt to gain clarity.

Building to Last: Past, Present and Future

with Elizabeth Barlow Rogers and Hailey Phillips

World-renowned author, landscape preservationist, and civic activist Elizabeth Barlow Rogers joins energy and infrastructure attorney, birth doula, and Interintellect host Hailey Phillips to explore what it takes to build timeless institutions of value, transcending contemporary political drama and lasting for generations.

Drawn to the Struggle


w/ Erik Hoel, Visa Veerasamy, Christin Balan and Anna Gát

Scientist, essayist, and novelist Erik Hoel joins Twitter creator Visakan Veerasamy, Interintellect editorial lead Christin Balan, and Interintellect founder Anna Gát to discuss talent, Substack, audience capture, community, controversy, gatekeepers, academic bureaucracy — why we need more and better fiction, why science is really not that different from art, and how there is a place for all of us. And publishers, practicalities, platforms, and more! An Interintellect special.